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Covid-19 Recovery Challenge

Tell us your innovative ideas to kickstart the recovery and win £1000!

The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed all of our lives and has caused a shock in economies across the world. A multitude of problems have been preventing us from living a normal life, with dire costs for millions across the world.

From job losses and bankrupt businesses to severe strain on our social lives and mental health, we are all affected by one of the most challenging times in recent history. And that is why we are issuing a call for ideas on how best to deal with these challenges!

The CitySpark Covid-19 Recovery Challenge is looking for innovative solutions to the problems created or exacerbated by the pandemic, ideas that enable a faster, better recovery and will helps us build a stronger, more balanced economy.


What kind of ideas can enter?

We’ve all experienced the changes that lockdowns and restrictions have created in our society and our economy. Some of these pains created are small, some are existential. All ideas that can offer relief and foster recovery from a problem created or made worse by the pandemic are eligible for this competition. 

Your idea can tackle one of the following areas but this list only contains a few examples, you can suggest any other problems:

  • Jobs and Economic Recovery
  • Physical and Mental health
  • Spread of fake news and disinformation
  • Green, Sustainable Development

Why Enter?

Rebuilding from the impact of Covid-19 is one of the most pressing challenges we face as a society! And your idea can contribute to the recovery!
Additionally, we recognise that this can be a valuable exercise for you and your development. And that’s why we offer:
  • Four Prizes of £1000 each
  • Expert mentorship to develop your idea into a fully fledged business
  • Networking opportunities to meet inspiring people
  • Opportunities to showcase to business and investors
  • A certificate to build your CV