Welcome to the

Grand Final 2021

Apply for a chance to win part of the £35,000 prize pot

The CitySpark Competition is open to all City, University of London students and recent alumni who have innovative ideas that they would like to transform into a business.

Whether you’re in the early stages of developing your business or you have already launched and you want to grow, the CitySpark programme is here to help you through become a succesful entrepreneur!

When applying to CitySpark, you’re also applying to other competitions, like GradVentures or the Inspiring Innovator of the Year Awards, as your application will be considered for all available opportunities! We want to find the best type of support for you so make sure you don’t miss the deadline and tell us about your idea! 

The CitySpark Summer Programme

To offer you the best support possible, we will run a summer programme where 20 businesses will learn from experts in the field, and from eachother.

Each participant will be offered up to  £500 to cover expenses in the development of their idea during this flexible programme built around the needs of your business.


The Grand Final 2021

Out of the 20 participants in the CitySpark Summer Programme, 10 finalists will be selected to pitch in the Grand Final in early October!

The Finalists video pitches will be shared through the CityVentures channels to tens of thousands of potential customers, a great opportunity to increase your brand’s visibility!

And out of the 10 finalists, 5 winners will receive £5,000 each!