The CitySpark Awards

Two Awards will be given to startups that have the potential of becoming successful businesses! These will be solving a problem for their clients and would have a clear path towards becoming profitable.

The MakerSpark Award

This Award, kindly supported by the Engineers in Business Fellowship, is designed for students and alumni from the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering who are using skills developed during their studies to build a succesful startup. 

The GreenSpark Award

The GreenSpark Award will be given to a promising startup that prioritises sustainability and social impact when developing their business model. Startups can help us build a better tomorrow and this award wants to reward those entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact!

People’s Choice

For this one, we need your help! One of the awards will be given based solely on the votes of the general public. Because if a finalist has convinced you that they deserves to win, they’ve done a very good job at selling their idea! We encourage you to watch all the pitches and have your say!